Peter White, Rotten Row (b. 31 May 1872)

Jane Marshall (grand daughter) contributed the following.

His parents were George and Mary (nee Roy).  Mary came from Strathmiglo.  I enclose a copy of Grandpa White in his militia army uniform and one as an old man.  He came to Weymouth and served at Nothe Fort where he met my Granny and married.  These were my mum’s parents.

A character reference letter from W W Wood (Falkland Estate Office) dated 17 April 1902 states…..

“.. I beg to state that having acted as Assistant to my late Father Major Wm. Woods in the Estate Office here since 1884.  I can testify to the character of Peter White while he was employed on this Estate.  I knew him and his family well as they belonged to this village.

Peter White served as Messenger and Letter Carrier at House of Falkland, the residence of the late Marquess of Bute, for the period of 3 years from 1889 to 1892 during which time he gave entire satisfaction to my late Father and to the Family whenever they were resident at Falkland.

He was thoroughly honest and obliging and strictly sober at all times.

For some time previous to entering service at Falkland House, Peter White worked on this estate with the Labourers Squad and the Foreman who is still here, testifies to his general good behaviour while working under him.

White entered the Army when he left Falkland and had the good wishes of all who knew him, for his success in life.

Having served his time in the Army he is now seeking civil employment again and I feel sure the good character he has at all time borne will be still maintained by him 

17th April 1902.     W.W. Wood. “

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