Project Aim

The Falkland Society arose out of the realisation that the village was one of the few historic villages and small towns that had kept much of its architectural and historic integrity. This project seeks to help create a larger audience for the Society’s photograph archive. It is hoped that the larger audience will contribute information to the images.  The galleries are designed so that comments can be added or photograph links sent on to friends via social media. 

It should be noted that of the eight hundred or so catalogued images, about one hundred and fifty were missing from their filing positions at the time of scanning.  Approximately thirty photographs showing display cabinets for an exhibition held by the society in October 1990 were scanned but deemed not to convey anything of an historical importance so were not included on this site.

The project was also advised that there are other images that have not been catalogued. It wasn’t apparent where they were stored. The image filenames contain the catalogue reference of the original photographs.


Image Search

This feature, at the bottom of each page, allows images that are connected with similar caption key words to be retrieved and it works well for terms like Balmblae or a building or street name. It is a particularly  good way to group pictures of people who may be featured across several categories (for example try Bryce or Venters).

The feature can also be used to return any details that were written on the back of the photographs.

Most (but not all) photographs had some details written on the back. To keep the site visually appealing these text images are not included in the photo galleries but they are easily accessible. Simply enter the file name of the photograph (minus the last character – normally an “a” – into the image search box and the back image of the photograph will be returned (if it had additional information). Use this method for group shots like the class photo’s of Falkland Primary or cricket and football team shots. Alternatively entering some or all of a particular photograph’s caption text will return a single or related group of  photograph and detail images.

High resolution (600 by 600 dpi) scans have been retained by the society should high quality prints be required.